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Why Claim Expert Billing Service?
An effective billing service is much more detailed and complicated than most offices realize.
Our experienced medical billers and certified coding specialist stay informed of all ICD and CPT code changes, and review each charge ticket for optimum coding, follow-up on any denials, maintain contact with patients and carriers, and audit electronic submission reports for errors.

As a relatively small billing company,  we can offer your practice a more personalized service. Unlike a large corporate billing center who can afford to lose a few practices, a small billing service will most likely put forth that extra effort. We want to keep your business and, most of all, rely on your references.

We make your transition to our service as smooth as possible.

We provide reports analyzing your practice and cash flow. By keeping you informed, we can help you better understand your cash flow and take the fear out of waiting for the mailman hoping that he is loaded down with checks so you can meet your financial obligations.

Billing Service vs. Office Biller
Patients do not like receiving bills, especially when they think their insurance pays for everything.
Rather than tie up your staff trying to explain a balance due to an irate patient in your office, outside billing allows you to simply have them "call the service".

Hidden Costs of the Office Biller
The staff is paid whether your accounts receivables are $1,000 or $100,000.

If you don't know what your accounts receivables are, you really don't know how efficiently your office is being run.

No Privacy of Your Finances
Your biller knows, and now probably the rest of the office, how much money comes in every month. Naturally, they don't discuss your costs, but when it comes the time for a raise, they figure you can afford it.  Either you come up with more money or they are off looking for a new boss, which in turn leaves you scrambling for your next biller.  The process starts all over again, and you are left hoping the new biller works out, at least until it is time for a raise or a better offer comes along, and the cycle starts all over again.