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We at Claim Expert

Claim Expert, Inc is a full service professional medical billing company located in Brooklyn , New York.

Claim Expert, Inc provides excellent billing and collection services to ensure maximum reimbursement in timely fashion. Our billers and coders have experience in many specialties, including anesthesia and surgical billing. Claim Expert stays informed of all ICD and CPT code changes, maintains contact with patients and carriers, and audits electronic submission reports for errors.

Our experienced medical billers and certified coding specialist review each charge ticket for optimum coding and apply all modifiers and correct diagnosis for procedures to avoid denials of payment. We are proud to announce that we pay equal attention to all our accounts and work hard to collect  money on each claim.

We are members of Medical Association of Billers and follow Professional Billers Code of Ethics and HIPAA regulations. We always stay informed of all code changes and always try to customize our service to suit your needs.

We collect up to 97% of the total claim volume.